January 08, 2007

Superhighway Information

Now that I'm back on the web tracker wagon, I thought a review of 2006's (largely alarming) trends was in order.

Between 18 May 2006 (when I started measuring) and 31 December 2006, my blog received 4,138 hits. At least half of these were me, frantically refreshing to see if anybody had commented on anything. (Not really; although we can reasonably assume that about half were related to my ridiculous arguments with various unsavoury internet characters and/or Dustin.)

In general, my visitors tend be serial offenders, with only 25% viewing the blog once and never returning. About half of all visitors returned nine times or more. A dedicated ninety-six people viewed the blog over two hundred times; roughly one visit a day. I think ninety-six constitutes enough to form an official fan club-- can someone please get started on that? The idea of my blog having a fan blog is too delightfully meta to even fully contemplate.

A little over half of all my traffic comes from Canada, and that largely through click-throughs from Sillytech. Predictably, the top three providers used to access the site are Bell, Videotron and McGill; the seventh most-used provider was Stikeman Elliott, accounting for 3.38% of my total traffic. I sure am popular with the resource-misappropriating Canadian lawyers!

I also have regular readers in the places you would expect (Vancouver, New York, Boston, Edinburgh), as well as a number you wouldn't (Oxford, Slough and Toulouse, to name a few); and I've had hits from places as kooky as CBS (GIVE ME A TV DEAL!), Oxford University Press (GIVE ME A BOOK DEAL!), the BBC and the Boston Globe (GIVE ME JOBS!), the USDA (GIVE ME... FRESH PRODUCE?) and the Texas Legislative Council (DON'T GIVE ME THE CHAIR!).

And then of course there's all the Google searches that bring people to the blog. Far and away the most frequent search term to yield a hit was "exbostonian" (with or without the space), which made up 25% of all search referrals. Sadly, after that, the second most popular search term (comfortably eclipsing even my own name) was the always potent "cock in pussy" (15.71% of all search referrals), which in fact topped the monthly tables twice.

A few of the other interesting ones:

"johnny knoxville naked" (It's no "Colin Farrell's cock", but I guess it'll do.)
"macgyver jokes" (Sweet!)
"jiggles, portland OR" (A strip club on Interstate 5.)
"cornellephant" (Not even close to being a real word.)
"is chad kroeger married?" (Sorry, yes.)

And, I think possibly my favourite one of all:

"hasidic porn" (You don't want to know where that dreidel has been.)

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