January 16, 2007

Conversations With Plagiarism

The McGill Sociology Students’ Association, bless ‘em, can’t seem to get me off their mailing list, and as a consequence I am still getting their newsletter in my inbox every so often. Imagine my shock upon opening it this month:

Now, I know imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all that, but I’m not sure how I feel about this outrageous and unauthorised use of my idea. The first answer sounds a little stiff (putting ‘Engels’ in brackets? Ugh); and talk about preachy! “Try using an agenda and setting deadlines for yourself well ahead of the actual due dates”? Karl Marx is not a vehicle for propounding better study habits, dammit!

I do like the second answer, though – it really captures the tone that I like to give Marx, sort of obliviously full of himself. I particularly enjoy “Marx, Marxists and Marxism: A Survey”. It’s the “A Survey” part that really does it, I think. And the little dig at MUAR 211 at the end is a nice touch.

Also, why was there nobody called “Raphaelle LaFramboise” in the SSA while I was there? What an awesome name! If she is also the one who now writes Dear Marx, I think I may have found my wife. I will gladly be Mr Andrew LaFramboise.

Hey, anybody with an understanding of intellectual property law: would I ever be able to actually stop anyone from using “my” characters? I mean, I can’t exactly copyright a historical figure, can I? I guess I’ll just have to keep my fingers crossed that nobody else ever wants to write a comic strip in which Marx and Engels bicker with each other. That’s probably pretty likely, eh?


Unknown said...

She's in one of my classes. She's pretty darn good looking too. Although considering the class is gender, deviance, and social control maybe I shouldn't be commenting on her physical appearance. I should be making sure that she's okay with her gender status and then ask if she wants to be a girl or something. But I think she said she does. So, good luck and god speed Andrew.

Andrew said...

If you don't get an A in that class it will be a crime.

Next time you see her, will you ask her how she feels about sensitive pseudo-Scots with a taste for witty t-shirts and a complete lack of tact?

Anonymous said...

You have a taste for a complete lack of tact?

Andrew said...

Isn't that obvious?

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