December 05, 2006

Trans Actions

From Newsvine: NYC to Ban Trans Fats From Eateries
NEW YORK — From the corner pizzeria to high-end bakeries, New York City's world famous eateries are preparing for kitchen scrutiny as the board of health moves Tuesday to ban trans fats.

The board was poised on Tuesday to make New York the nation's first city to outlaw the unhealthy oils…

Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who banned smoking in bars and restaurants during his first term, has dismissed cries that New York is crossing a line by trying to legislate diets.
No, sorry Mike, you are crossing a line.  The line of incompetent stupidity.  (It's a wobbly line, obviously, but you're definitely on the wrong side of it.)

I mean, I actually don't really buy the argument that legislating diets is overly invasive—why not restrict the use of harmful substances?  Governments do that all the time, and it's generally not that much of a hardship unless you're a crack-addicted, alcoholic teenager who enjoys bathing in toxic waste (man, if you think normal teenagers are moody…).  But since it's patently clear that banning trans fats is not really going to make much difference to anyone, I struggle to see the point in wasting time and money introducing such a bone-headed policy.

Exhibit A: If someone eats at McDonalds/Pizza Hut/Taco Bell/Billy Joe's House of Lard often enough that the ban will have a significant impact on their trans fat intake, then their trans fat intake is the least of their problems.

Exhibit B: A wide range of dipshits will interpret the banning of trans fat as evidence that McDonalds/Pizza Hut/Taco Bell/Billy Joe's House of Lard is now a healthy lifestyle choice, thus making them eat even more junk.

Exhibit C:  Simply removing one harmful ingredient from your diet is only marginally less pointless than, say, removing the shotgun pellet from your gaping flesh wound. What you need is to cut out trans fat, and eat more fresh food, and get a bike, fatty. (The same goes for shotgun wounds.)

In short, Michael Bloomberg is an ass, and I wish he would quit with the poorly-planned social engineering.

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