December 07, 2006

Short Amounts of Time and Something a Kid Does on Halloween

From All creatures great and small
The National History Museum at the University of Oslo has just opened an exhibition of gay animals . . .

Why [homosexuality] might be favoured by natural selection . . . is a difficult question to answer. In an attempt to do so, the exhibition picks on gay flamingos.
Man, talk about going for an easy target.


There was a mother-freakin' tornado a few miles from my flat today! Let me tell you, that was not what I was expecting to read when I logged on to the Bloomberg machine at work today to check the headlines.

Oh, and speaking of the Bloomberg machine, although I decided not to post about Lady Bonehead McFlatulence yesterday, it is clearly taking the financial world by storm; it was the fifth most emailed article on Bloomberg this morning.

I mean, can you imagine? The international information network for finance professionals and one of the most emailed stories is about some gassy American woman? Every second I spend in this business makes my life savings feel that little bit less secure.

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