November 12, 2006

Time To Call In The Paddy Wagons

From UCLA AsiaMedia: CHINA: Villagers 'were manipulated'

I've been doing some research at work over the last few weeks into human rights in China, among other things. In the process, I came across this news item:
Dongzhou used to be a sleepy fishing village, but last week the community of 30,000 in Shanwei, Guangdong province, was transformed into the latest epicentre of China's social revolution.

For more than a year, Dongzhou villagers have complained that the local government had taken away their land for the construction of a coal-fired power plant . . .

Then on December 5, villagers said, Shanwei police began to search for their leaders using the excuse of looking for drug dealers. They claimed the first one taken away was Li Zelong . . .

Fearing that more police would come to arrest their representatives, Dongzhou residents, backed by their counterparts from their neighbouring village, stormed a wind-power plant in Shigongliao on December 6 with clubs, pipe bombs and fish bombs -- a concoction of fertiliser soaked in kerosene capped in a glass bottle with a fuse and detonator.
My God, that's terrible! They must have had a pretty serious set of grievances against this new power plant to go to such extremes.
Another concern among villagers was that the coal-fired power plant would cause serious pollution and ruin the village's fung shui. They also pointed out that the chimney was too short.
I never realised that bad fung shui could lead to pipe bombings. I guess I should start paying better attention.

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