October 02, 2006

Tongues Not Required

You know that scene at the beginning of The Naked Gun, where OJ stumbles around comically from one horrible injury to another? I blame that scene for making me see this story as kind of funny:
Pedestrian hit twice by vehicle

. . . The man was crossing the A68 Dalkeith to Lauder Road, in Pathhead, Midlothian, when he was hit by a Ford Focus travelling north.

The force of the collision . . . sent him onto the southbound carriageway and into the path of a Toyota Corolla.
I mean, God, isn’t that awful? And yet my first reaction was definitely to stifle a laugh. Curse you, Leslie Nielsen, for desensitizing me to the horror in near-fatal accidents!

Oh, what the hell, as long as I’m making grossly inappropriate comments about current events:
Fatal shooting at US Amish school

Six people are reported killed and three injured in a shooting at an Amish school in Pennsylvania, US . . .

It is not yet known whether the gunman came from the tight-knit Amish community or was an outsider.
Well, um — and maybe I’m going out on something of a limb, here — but I’m guessing that if he had a gun, he probably wasn’t too Amish. No?

*holds breath and waits for blowback*

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Anonymous said...

Maybe he was just kind of Amish.


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