October 01, 2006

I'll Have a Hamlet and Pineapple

Ah, yes, ye olde pi∫∫aes, of which the bard hath spake many a time with unrivall’d glee.

So, on Tuesday, my laptop broke, thus rendering my already tenuous internet connection pretty much non-existent. First, I thought, “It’s okay, I’ll just dial in through my AirPort base station and browse using my iMac,” but my AirPort base station stubbornly refused to talk to AOL’s dial-up servers.

So, second, I thought, “It’s okay, I’ll just move my iMac upstairs temporarily and connect it directly to the phone line.”

Sadly, my iMac is so technologically advanced that it doesn’t, in fact, have a modem. Which I have to admit has a certain degree of beautiful, postmodern absurdity about it.

Eventually, today, I remembered one of the ancient dial-up accounts I used to have growing up (like, really, when I was sixteen), and on a whim decided to see if it would still work. And, lo!, I have the internet at home again, so I can at least surf with a little more abandon than when I surreptitiously use the web at work.

Speaking of postmodern absurdity, when I went into the Apple store yesterday to see about getting my laptop repaired, I had the following conversation with a very helpful member of ‘The Genius Bar’:
Me: I need to get my iBook repaired. Am I in the right place?
Him: Do you have an appointment?
Me: No.
Him: Well, we’re fully booked today, I’m afraid. You’ll have to make an appointment for another day and come back.
Me: Okay. Can I make an appointment with you?
Him: No, you have to go to our website.
Me: But . . . My computer is broken.
Him: Well, then all you can do is just turn up tomorrow at 10am when we open the store, so you can get in line first.
Me: There’s no other way to make an appointment?
Him: [exasperated] No.
Now, I’m sorry, I know I’m no Genius, but does it not seem a little bit self-defeating that you need to use your computer to fix your computer? Why not just ask me to go outside and devour myself, ouroboros-like?

Otherwise, though, London has been much fun and I have had a much happy week. More later.


Anonymous said...

Dude, that's totally ouroboros-like!


Andrew said...

Why do you keep leaving comments like this? I can't tell if there is some kind of pun involved, or if you're just mocking my pretentiousness.

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