August 07, 2006

Smart Attack

From BBC NEWS | Education: Pupils 'cannot be called clever'

In its annual conference, the Professional Association of Teachers (PAT) heard last week that teachers should not use the word "clever" to describe good students, lest they be thought uncool by their classmates. Rather, they say, the word "successful" should be used.

A government spokesperson criticised the suggestion, saying, with a certain degree of endearing obliviousness to the topic at hand, that it was "not the brightest idea." The idea, of course, was relieved not to have been described as "bright", thus narrowly escaping certain mockery at the hands of other, more popular ideas.

Last year, the PAT also voted to replace the word "failure" with "deferred success".

Okay, so if "successful" means "clever", then "deferred success" must mean "deferred cleverness". Which I guess means the PAT are suggesting that slower children are failures.

Hooray for stupid semantics debates!

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