August 12, 2006

Show and Clientele

Tonight, instead of going out, I am staying at home and just barely managing to stay awake, even though it's only 8:30pm. I've only had four hours of sleep the last two nights in a row, and today was possibly the most exhausting day of work I have ever experienced— it's been our busiest day so far, so I had to spend much of my time selling tickets and frantically trying to catch up with all my management duties in my spare seconds. One of the scheduled staff for today showed up two hours late, too, which made the morning a little more interesting.

I also had to deal with my fair share of unreasonable customers. For example:

Her: Well, now look, this just isn't good enough. I spent twenty minutes on the phone trying to redeem this coupon this morning, and they just wouldn't let me. But it says right here 'offer may be redeemed in advance', so why should I have to come all the way into the box office?
Me: I'm sorry madam, but for these special offer coupons you always need to come to the box office in person.
Her: [pointing to fine print] But it says right here, 'Offer may be redeemed in advance.'
Me: [pointing to the continuation of the fine print on the next line] Actually, it says 'Offer may be redeemed in advance at the box office'. There, do you see?
Her: No, it says right here, 'Offer may be redeemed in advance, at the— box office'. Oh . . . yes . . . But, uh, it doesn't say it can't be redeemed over the phone. So it's still very ambiguous.
Me: I'm sorry you felt misled.
Her: Well, in the future you should really ensure the wording is clearer.

On the other hand, we also had a really very sweet old woman ring up and ask cryptically to speak to someone in management. When my astute sales associate who answered the phone asked what the call was regarding, so that she might properly direct the call, the old woman clammed up and refused to say anything except that she would like to talk to management. Fearing a talking-to about poor wording or heartless refund policies, I reluctantly took the phone, and was greeted with this:

Her: I , well, it was just a joke you see. I bought these tickets to surprise my husband, but they were for last night and I think he might have eaten something that's given him food poisoning because he was very ill last night and we couldn't go, and I was wondering if you could help me.
Me:: Is it a refund you're looking for?
Her:: I, well, no... I just, it was only a joke, you see, and, and, well... I'm a little bit embarrassed to tell you what the tickets were for. But, er, it was, well, uh, it was Puppet— it was Puppetry of the Penis. Oh dear.

She was so endearingly flustered, I really was sorry that I couldn't give her a refund.

Bed, where are you?


Anonymous said...

Andrew! i really do hope you qre saving some of your energy for when i get there! seriously! no more partying for you until tuesday ok?


Andrew said...

Don't worry, I slept eleven and a half hours last night, so there is plenty of party left in me.

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