August 31, 2006

Connecting the Dots

Because it's been six days since I last posted, an update on why:

Last Saturday were the inaugural if.comeddies (aka the annual Perrier comedy awards, mauled beyond recognition by corporate rebranding gone mad). I managed to snag an invite to the ceremony (which was a mercifully short ten minutes, much how the Oscars should be) and the subsequent award party. I was hoping to rub shoulders with a few celebrities, but apart from seeing a drunk and confused-looking Rich Hall, I mostly spent the night taking obscene liberties at the open bar.

Sunday I was hungover. I was also going on about three hours of sleep, and it was only by the grace of copious amounts of coffee that I managed to stay awake through Demetri Martin's fantastic show and then the Underbelly's drink-the-bar-dry last night extravaganza.

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday passed in a blur of bad smells and hard labour as we tore up the venue and flat packed it all into the back of a garage until next year. It was actually a fairly interesting experience in parts, like a giant 3D game of Tetris that required me to clamber about on top of twelve-feet tall stacks of couches and tables, trying to fill in spaces with other miscellaneous pieces of furniture and equipment.

And today I've been savouring the glorious freedom of having nothing to do, on only the third day since July 25th that I've not had to go to work. Tomorrow the flat hunt begins, so I probably won't be doing too much posting for the next week, either— but after that I'll have two weeks off to generally recover and take it easy before I move to London proper. And we all know what happens when I get two weeks to take it easy: blog incontinence. So you can look forward to that, and appreciate the novelty in the fact that you're looking forward to someone's incontinence.



Anonymous said...

I miss you! It was sad to go to Montreal and not get to visit you.

Enjoy your freedom, and good luck with the flat hunt!

Andrew said...

Well, you'll just have to come to London, then. :-)

I miss you, too (and everyone else in Montreal, for that matter), and by the way, I particularly enjoyed the description of Boston during moving week on your LJ. At least out where you are there is actually space on the streets— you should see Beacon Hill at this time of year!

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