June 08, 2014

BREAKING: New York City The Only City In The World With A Lot Of Immigrants, Bars That Show Football

From the New York Times: Watching the World’s Game, in the World’s City
Outside Brazil, there is no better place to experience the world’s sport than the world’s city.
Ahem. FUCK. RIGHT. OFF. Have you tried, perhaps, any city in a country that gives a shit? But no, my mistake, I'm sorry:
On a gloriously sunny afternoon recently, Lunasa, an East Village pub, was packed seven deep at the bar.
Seven deep! Wow! Here is Berlin during the last World Cup:

And here is Rome,and here is Paris after the final in 1998, and here is goddamn Toronto. You know, that city in that country north of you that is "totally lame"?

Now kindly get down off your high fucking horse and accept that other than your—admittedly great—subway system, you are a pretty average city whose averageness is inexplicably not reflected in its cost of living.

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