December 04, 2013

I Was Just Happy To Be Asked

From's weekly Q&A feature called "Five Questions With ..." runs every Tuesday. We talk to key figures in the game today and ask them questions to gain insight into their lives, careers and the latest news.
The latest edition features... Andrew Ladd.
As a guy who has won the Stanley Cup twice, can you describe what it has been like going through the process now in Winnipeg of trying to build a winner, being at the forefront of it as the team's captain and dealing with the frustrations that come with it?

Actually, this is awkward, but I haven't won the Stanley Cup twice... The only thing I've won recently is the AWP Prize in the Novel, for my novel What Ends. I also don't live in Winnipeg. I think maybe you're thinking of the other Andrew Ladd?

But anyway, no big deal. Let's not dwell on it. Oh, and in answer to your question: frustrating or not, I can't think of a better place to build a winning team than in WINnipeg, am I right!!!???

What are some reasons, some signs, that would allow you to be optimistic about this club now?

Well, the bread is really nicely toasted. And this chicken salad looks very fresh. Overall, I think it will be an excellent sandwich.

Is that part of a team still being in the growing, building phase?

Uh... Yes? Teams in the growing phase absolutely need a lot of good sandwiches.

It sounds like you believe there is enough talent in the room to take the Jets to the next level. So, how do you do it? How do you get to the next level? How do you move ahead of average?

I don't mean to be a pedant, but that already takes us up to six questions. It seems like kind of an unfair loophole if you can just squeeze a whole load of different questions into one block of bold text and call it "one" question.

Anyway, I guess what I would say about this is that, obviously, the Jets' record against the Sharks is definitely the most important thing to focus on. I mean, absolutely, the Jets have talent, but Russ Tamblyn only gets you so far, you know?

You were one of 45 players at the Canadian Olympic orientation camp in August. It's December now, so have you been thinking about the Olympics, making Team Canada, and what you can add to the team if you are selected?

Again, I think you must be confusing me with the other Andrew Ladd.


New Issues Poetry & Prose said...

If there were a category for novel writing at the Olympics, you'd totally be on Team Canada, though, right?

Andrew said...

If I were on Team Canada, it would mostly be so I was on the right side when the Canadian fans start rioting about their ultimate loss/win.

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