December 19, 2013


From the Edinburgh Evening News: Electronic cigarette started council HQ fire blaze of irony
AN electronic cigarette burned a section of carpet at the council’s administrative HQ after it “exploded” while being charged on a computer.
Jesus. Can't a man plug his cigarette into a USB port these days without fearing for his life?

...and other sentences 1980s Andrew cannot parse.

(See also: "Can't a man track his run on a smartphone these days without worrying about his data allowance?"; "Can't a man update his blog these days without worrying about his Google juice?"; "Can't a man vote in a democratic election these days without worrying the winning candidates will purposefully make it harder for people to go to the doctor?" etc.)

 In answer to my original question, though, apparently the answer is no:
Councillor Ricky Henderson, the city’s health, social care and housing leader, said: [...] “I suppose we all have to be careful about what devices we plug into a computer in this day and age, especially if they are left unattended.”
Councillor Henderson then narrowed his eyes and looked over the reporter's shoulder, shouting "I'VE GOT MY EYE ON YOU, MOUSE!"
...There have been [other] reports of the devices 
exploding. In one incident in the US in September, Elizabeth Wilkowski described plugging a Chinese-made electronic cigarette into her computer to charge it up when it exploded, rattling her entire house in Atlanta, Georgia. 
She compared the explosion with a bomb detonation.
Good to know that simile is not completely dead, then.

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