July 19, 2012

They're Going To Start More Liberally Interpreting Jewish Law?

From The Huffington Post: Spice Girls To Reform For Olympic Closing Ceremony

Okay, before I trash the HuffPo, some exciting personal news: I won the AWP 2012 Prize in the Novel. That means, in addition to the sweet cash prize and adoration of thousands of pale, socially awkward, skinny-jeans-and-thick-framed-glasses wearing girls worldwide*, my book is getting published by New Issues Press. I know, right?

Incidentally, if you are a writer who has found this blog by Googling me after seeing my name in the AWP announcement: hi! Let's be friends.

Anyway, I figured that in my new role as soon-to-be-published author, it's about time I make another push for widespread adoption of my proprietary internet acronym: DAOAFDA?. They're REFORMING, HuffPo? Really?

Admittedly, I understand what the headline is going for, and no doubt there's a descriptivist linguist lurking somewhere among my readership who will dust their hands at this point and say PROBLEM SOLVED, but here's the thing: that's not what 'reform' means! It means "to change [something] in order to make it better." And somehow I doubt that, after this many years apart, the Spice Girls are going to be doing any such thing.



(*Thousands more, that is, beyond the one who already kind of liked me.)


Kay Camden said...

Congratulations on the AWP award. I wanted to enter but I didn't. You've been querying for about as long as I have. To know the guy capable of winning an AWP contest can't get published, well that kind of makes me want to give up.

Yes, I did google your name. You're a little hard to find because of that hockey guy. I'll keep an eye out for your book.

Did you ever consider self-publishing? What are your thoughts on it?

Andrew said...

Don't give up! I had plenty of agents tell me it was a great book but they wouldn't know how to sell it -- which is fair enough. Getting published through the agent route is probably 40% marketability and 40% stubborness, and only 20% talent...

I never seriously considered self-publishing, mostly because I personally like real, bound, nice-looking books too much. But I don't think there's anything wrong with self-publishing if you don't have my snobby hang-ups.

Thanks for writing!

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