March 14, 2012

Wicked Burn

From Transformer fire sends black smoke into streets near Back Bay Hilton; wide swath of the city is plunged into darkness after power is cut


1. Can we please send a Peabody award immediately to the Globe reporter who found the Berklee freshman named "Jose PARODY" who says the giant fire "just kind of feels like a movie"? My god, if only it had been an Emerson student, we could have ceased printing news completely for the rest of time.

2. Why, when ABC News, CBS News, the LA Times, the Chicago Tribune, and Reuters, among others, are all covering this HUGE ACCIDENT that affected TWENTY THOUSAND PEOPLE in one of the country's MAJOR CITIES, is there not a single freakin' story about it on the New York Times website as of 8:28 this morning? I searched the site, I read through all the headlines in the U.S. section, I Googled... nothing. In fact, the only story they have about Boston today is this one about the freakin' Red Sox–Yankees rivalry.

REALLY, New York? Really? You're still going to carry on this petty "Boston is provincial" thing even when a three-alarm fire kills power to half the city? Or are you just bitter because the Red Sox BEAT YOU last night?

Honestly, this city.

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