March 13, 2012

Fan Male

I was in Chicago a few weeks ago for a conference, and while there was graciously hosted for a night by an old friend, J. I know J. from my days as an Emerson undergrad, but she dropped out even before I did, instead pursuing a degree first in neuroscience, and then, at grad school, in (*ptooey*) linguistics.

Anyway, as a result of the weirdly small world of linguistics, J. often ends up at conferences with people who know my dad—and at the last one she went to, she had the following conversation:
J.: Oh, yeah, I know Bob Ladd. I stayed at his house once.

PERSON: OMIGOSH. You know Bob Ladd?

J.: Yes.

PERSON: His son has a hilarious blog.
So there you have it, folks. Plethoric pundigrions: entertaining a small handful of linguists since 2006.

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