August 12, 2011

Is It "Hanging Out With Comedians All The Time While Occasionally Trashing Them For No Good Reason"?

On the radio this morning:
"Improvisation is rubbish. It's what you do when you're too lazy to write a script... Usually it's just someone and his girlfriend, and she can't improvise herself out of a paper bag... It's all just brain games... There's a term for something you do to make yourself feel good, and it's not improvisation."
Really, preeminent Fringe comedy critic Kate Copstick? Really? You're going to categorically dismiss an entire genre of comedy?

Tell you what: I will personally buy you a ticket to Showstopper, and then to Paul Merton's Impro Chums, and then I will even draft your apologetic retraction.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a part of a very highly regarded improv troupe and this REALLY offends and angers me. I've had very established Comedy writers see one of our shows and be in awe of the creativity a groupe of talented improvisers can have when on stage, armed with nothing more than their own wit and ability to mould a scene or story. It's a wonderful comedy genre. Not only for it being ACTUALLY funny when done properly, but because it's EVERYBODYS show, it belongs to both the audience and the improvisers. Everyone has copyright on what they see. That alone, makes IT not only funny, but magical. It's not like your generic stand up comedian talking AT you, but a bunch of comedians working FOR you! I'm not well up on this women, but it appears her loyalities to her new found fame and stand up social circle are a little more evident than her constructive critism to a fantastic and exceptionally rewarding comedy genre.

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