June 28, 2011

Packaging Fail

See if you can guess what I ordered that arrived in this enormous box today.

How about now?

Last chance...

(Answer after the jump.)

Yup. Three 12x16 enlargements. What's the matter, RitzPix.com? Haven't you ever heard of an ENVELOPE?


SheilaKay said...

an oversized box is better than damaged enlargements. dontchathink? I used to package photos - from tiny to huge - for shipment and we always erred on the side of caution. imjussayin. beautiful photos, BTW.

Andrew said...

I guess. But they also shipped my enormous box from Atlanta rather than any of the numerous Ritz outlets here in the Northeast, so in terms of environmental impact I may as well be pouring spent fix down the drain. I'd rather risk bent prints!

And thanks. Beautiful photos are easy when you go to beautiful places.

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