May 27, 2010

Austerity Measures

From BBC News: Greek PM's phone cut by mistake
A technician mistakenly cut off the home phone line of Greek premier George Papandreou while trying to disconnect a customer behind in payments.

The other customer's number was the same as the prime minister's, apart from one digit.
So NOT the same, then?

This might seem like a funny story already, but this is by far my favourite part:
"It was not a red phone", a [telecom] worker told the BBC, meaning that it was not one of Mr Papandreou's priority lines.
Wait... The Greek prime minister has a BATPHONE?!?!?! Maybe if he were using it more things wouldn't be in such a mess down there.


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Dye! said...

Whoa, when I read the "red phone" passage, my thought was, "Greece has nuclear weapons"?

(I'm so old.)

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