September 24, 2009

Bewildering Spam of the Day

Today I got a message in my spam folder that said, simply:
We do not promise to give free golden mountains.
...and then there was a link (which, naturally, I did not click).

What does that mean? Is a golden mountain some kind of sex move? Is spam chastising me for wanting something for nothing? Is this just a particularly coherent piece of randomly generated text? WHAT IS GOING ON?!!


vinny said...

I know what a golden shower is, so extrapolating from there.... I still come up with nothing.

Anonymous said...

Doing a lookup shows
Domain name:
Maksim Stepanov
Organization: Private person
Address: pr. Mira, d. 78, k.1, kv.46
City: Moskva
State: Moskovskaya
ZIP: 101000
Country: RU
Phone: +7.9253457667
Administrative Contact:
Maksim Stepanov
Try asking them

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