July 21, 2009

He Thinks The Whole Galaxy Revolves Around Him

From BBC SPORT | Football: Beckham confronts fans after boos
David Beckham was involved in an angry confrontation with Los Angeles Galaxy fans during his first home game since completing his loan spell at AC Milan.
Resentment towards Beckham has run high among L.A. fans recently, following angry words by teammate Landon Donovan about Beckham's lack of commitment to the Galaxy, and also Beckham's general lack of commitment to the Galaxy.

At Sunday's game, the crowd booed Beckham pretty much every time he got the ball, and because he has an inflated sense of his own importance and is unaccustomed to people not clamouring to stick their heads up his ass, he threw a bit of a hissy fit about it, taking time off during the game to approach the stands and taunt the fans back. He then attempted to jump over the barrier and kick some ass in that girly, faux-hawked, sarong-wearing way of his, and had to be restrained. (He later claimed he was only trying to shake the guy's hand.)

After all of which, I'm mighty tempted to tell him to GROW THE FUCK UP, except that he's far more entertaining when he's being an immature little bitch:
The match itself ended 2-2, Beckham doing his talking on the pitch by having a hand in both Galaxy goals.

For the first he played a trademark cross-field ball to Donovan, who then set up Alan Gordon, while for the second, and with Galaxy 2-1 down, it was Beckham's corner that was headed home by Bryan Jordan.

After that he turned to a section of fans who had been particularly vociferous and shrugged his shoulders.
Commenting on the match's events afterwards, Beckham also noted, with his characteristic eloquence and insight:
"It was only one or two that, you know, it was to be expected. . . . Sometimes it goes beyond it. . . . That's the way it is."
I totally hear what you're saying, man: sometimes it does go beyond it.



Dye! said...

"Beckham... had a hand in both Galaxy goals."

I thought that wasn't allowed in soccer.

Andrew said...

Obviously you've forgotten about Diego Maradona.

MalApropos said...

David! Where's Brooklyn?!

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