April 03, 2009

Double Entendre of the Decade

I'll get around to putting up a CWG later today, I promise, but first I had to share this story.

From Newsvine: Nevada lawmakers squeamish about prostitution tax
[Nevada] has not collected a dollar in taxes from prostitution since it was legalized in rural counties more than 30 years ago, and it's doubtful that it will anytime soon.

A bill that would levy a $5 tax on sex acts appears to have no chance in the Legislature, even though the state is facing a more than $2.8 billion revenue shortfall.

"I don't know why people won't recognize that we have a legal industry," said Sen. Bob Coffin . . .
. . . who is one of the state's biggest proponents of prostitution as a source of revenue. He added:
"I'm willing to go in and do the dirty work if no one else will."
Coffin says that the state is desperate for money to fund essential public services, and also assured legislators, presumably with a wink, that:
"I will go anywhere to do that."

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