March 16, 2009

L'Arbitraire du Signe

I think that is about as highbrow as my post titles have ever been.

So, I'm back from L.A. A few of the highlights:

•My first trip to In-N-Out Burger. In Canada, a "double-double" is a coffee with two creams and two sugars; in America, it is two beef patties smothered in several varieties of fatty condiments. Go figure.

•Copious hours of Rock Band.

•A visit to the Stone Brewery in San Diego. I had a delicious lunch and then a FREE tour complete with FREE beer. Highly recommended. Lunch included my first encounter with "beer cheese" (≈cheese blended with beer and tabasco, and served with pretzels), which I think helps solidify my above point about American culture. Also my arteries.

•Copious amounts of drinking.

•J.T. Ross, a really pretty fabulous blues musician, doing a live show for me, my hostess, and George Wendt's new wife, among others. (She was my only "celebrity" sighting, though allegedly Mad TV's Mo Collins was sitting behind us in the beer garden on my last day.)

•Copious amounts of napping, to recuperate from aforementioned Rock Band and drinking.

•More firsts: the Getty, Skee-Ball, visiting a witty t-shirt store without buying a witty t-shirt.

•Fun, and wonderful company.

...And now I'm back to the real world; I spent three hours today sorting mail at my internship. Woot.

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Heinz Healey said...

You forgot to mention all the strippers and wet tshirt contests! And the river of booze that we were baptized in. And waking up on the lawn in your underwear. And five three-somes in a row. And naked hopscotch... etc.

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