January 01, 2009

Hit Me

And now, my brief annual rundown of the blog's vital statistics:

•Total hits: 10,392. This is an 9% increase over last year — significantly less than the 50% growth from the year before, but growth, nonetheless. The slowdown is mainly due, it seems, to my decision not to blog the Fringe this year, as the biggest lull came between July and September.

•I'm way up among university readers; visits from McGill, Emerson, and Edinburgh all increased by respectable amounts, and new readers in Cambridge and St Andrews brought both of those into my top twenty visitor sources.

•Google referrals are up as well, especially from Google image searches. Which brings me to...

•Google search terms! Among my favourite, the following:

"steven pinker is a douchebag"
"am i a relativist 'pop quiz' "
"finger is a bit plethoric looking"
"mitt romney, nude, naked, shirtless"
"reasons why britain is better than america" / "reasons why america is better than britain"

...and, last of all, "lolchomsky". Which I assume would look a little like this:

Happy new year.

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