May 19, 2008

Who Says Stereotypes Are Inaccurate?

A list of predictable things about my experience in LA:

• Gay tattoo artists at Venice Beach
• Dinner at a sushi place proudly displaying pictures of celebrity clients (they were Justin Long, aka “Mac”, and Jean-Claude van Damme)
• Driving one block between destinations
• Drinking, going to bed, waking up hungover, drinking again
• Wedding dress shopping at a Beverly Hills boutique
• Seeing a movie on the FOX lot
• Radio ads for boob jobs (“Make your body happy!”)*

(*My other favourite radio quote from the trip: “There are a lot of technical differences between Jimmy Carter’s ‘Malaise’ and what our economy is doing right now: back then it was a full-fledged depression; now things are just pretty crappy.”)

Next: the drive to Vegas.

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