March 13, 2008

Reasons Why Britain Is Better Than America, #1452

From BBC NEWS | England: Man loses grape case against M&S
An accountant who claimed he injured himself by slipping on a grape in a Marks and Spencer car park has lost his High Court bid for damages.

Alexander Martin-Sklan, 55, from Golders Green, north London, was claiming £300,000 over the incident in his local store car park in June 2004.…

Representing himself, he said he suffered a ruptured quadricep tendon and "adverse psychological effects and depression" arising from the injury.
I also find it depressing.

Thankfully, the British judge presiding over the case was in no mood for such frivolous malarkey, and found against the claimant, saying:
"In my judgement it is one of those accidents that could happen to any one of us."
…The assumption being, I suppose, that if we give £300,000 to one daft bugger who is unable to walk from the supermarket to his car without suffering a fruit-related accident, we will soon have to be giving £300,000 to every daft bugger in the country.

But the fact that the lawsuit was dismissed is not, in fact, the reason why I love Britain more than America. It gets better:
Mr Martin-Sklan has to pay around £15,000 towards Marks and Spencer's costs and given 28 days to pay an interim sum of £7,500.
HA! That'll teach you to file ridiculous claims in the hope of getting rich quick! Not only will you be less likely to win in Britain; when you lose, you really lose!

So perhaps Britain is not going to the dogs quite as much as I implied yesterday. Phew.

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