February 06, 2008

Stupor Tuesday

From WCBS NEWSRADIO 880: Some Accidentally Tried to Vote Tuesday
UNDATED (AP) -- Hey, where's my Super Tuesday?

That was the sentiment of hundreds of would-be voters who showed up at the polls yesterday in Virginia and Wisconsin. But it was just an ordinary Tuesday in those states.…

Virginians get their chance to vote next Tuesday. Wisconsin's primary is in two weeks.
See, now some people might choose to interpret this as proof of the sad state of American voters. I disagree; according to FOX News:
By noon, the [Virginia] State Board of Elections … had received about 400 calls, with many callers wanting to know why their polling places were closed.

Officials say that’s double to triple the normal volume of calls.
So, really, this is just another sign that American voters are more involved than ever in the current election: turnout is way up! Even among the borderline retarded!

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Anonymous said...

They should have done a poll examining the incidence of Huckabee support among dumbasses who showed up on the wrong day.

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