September 09, 2007

Family Fun

I normally try to stay away from posting chat transcripts on my blog – it just seems a little too self-indulgent. But my (twelve-year-old) brother made me so happy on MSN today that I had to share.
Carlo: look at this awesome emoticon
Carlo: :yoshi
A Good Ladd: didn't work
A Good Ladd: I'm using a weird version of msn though
Carlo: oh ok
Carlo: its mario on yoshi
A Good Ladd: I can't believe they have an emoticon for that
A Good Ladd: what emotion is it supposed to represent?
Carlo: uh.....
Carlo: let'sa go?
I wonder which gene controls COMIC GENIUS, because clearly my family has it IN SPADES.

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Anonymous said...

Never heard Carlo say 'awesome'-- I agree about the comic genius, he makes me laugh so much these days!

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