August 25, 2007

MySpace Invaders

I hear from the fabulously entertaining Dave Burdick that Playboy is making a very brand-relevant and not-at-all-jumping-on-the-Facebook-bandwagon foray into social networking.

Entitled Playboy U (or, as it must surely come to be known, Titsbook), it's billed as "an exclusive, college-only, non-nude social network", one that "high schoolers, old dudes and your Mom can't join."

Hey, thanks, Stiffler.

Obviously, if your mom goes to university (or – since the only way they seem to check if you're a student is whether or not you have an .edu email address – if she teaches at a university) the above does not apply, and we all know that even old dudes get university email addresses sometimes. But still, a social networking site that lets you post pictures to a profile, and that only students can join! What a great idea! Why hasn't anybody thought of that before?

The aim of Playboy U (or, as it must surely come to be known, The School of Hard Knockers) is to enrich campus life and celebrate the social side of college (that really never gets done enough). But they don't want to encourage the unhealthier opportunities afforded by social networking. For instance, the code of conduct states that:
2.9. You agree to not intimidate, harass or "stalk" another user.
Why is "stalk" in quotation marks?
Girl 1: Have you seen that guy who's always posting on my Playboy U profile? He is like, totally "stalking" me.

Girl 2: Ew, that is so "gross".

Girl 1: Still, at least he's not stalking me.

Girl 2: Right.

Girl 1: Hey, I stopped by your house the other day.

Girl 2: Shut up! Was I there?

My new favourite search referral: "I don't want to search for anything".

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