June 09, 2007

Peer Pressure

Not that I condone this sort of thing, obviously, but it has just been brought to my attention that there is a Andrew Ladd must join Facebook group on Facebook.


Nutter For Mayor

He's crazy about politics!


I suspect most of you will not have seen Music and Lyrics, Hugh Grant's latest contribution to the Hollywood canon, and I wouldn't necessarily try to persuade you to do otherwise. But I must say, the opening sequence is a pretty fabulous piece of Eighties pop satire.


My fifth ever blog post, written all the way back in August 2003, just received its first comment. It is a how-to guide called "OpenSource Vagina: A Lubricant-Free, Mess-Free Design for Humans" and is one of the creepiest things I have ever read.
-Consider making two or three Artificial Vaginas to have ready in case one requires drying-out time
Welcome to my blog, folks.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, but look who started said facebook group. To quote Admiral Akbar, "It's a trap!"

Since you're going to end up joining eventually anyway, it sets you up for more pwnage too.

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