June 06, 2007

Like a FOX

In the interest of being fair and balanced...

From CNN.com: GOP debaters keep distance from Bush

The Republican debate on Tuesday was pretty similar to the Democratic one: everybody dumped on Bush, and nobody had any idea who the hell anyone other than the three front-runners was.

For instance, take Tommy Thompson (known to his friends as Tom Tommy Thompson McThomserson), who opened his speech with a growl of, "Boonowa tweepi, Solo!"

Or, rather bizarrely for a conservative political party, Ru Paul:

Oh, I'm sorry, I'm being told that should be Ron Paul.

The one exciting part of the evening (I'm not making this bit up) was that, as Giuliani expounded his view that abortion should be legal, lightning struck the debate hall and cut off his mic.

Otherwise, though, it was a fairly dull debate. So dull that, um, is McCain taking a nap?

If so, he soon woke up when Giuliani decided to woo the crowd with an impromptu display of magic. David Blaine eat your heart out!

And the evening wrapped up, of course, with the now traditional round of The Weakest Link.

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