May 31, 2007

Hotscot's London Stage Debut

A quick summary of my improv show last night:

It was tough. A bunch of my friends who had never seen me perform before were in the crowd, so I was feeling under pressure to really do a great job. Also, Alan, the organiser, seems to believe that I am some sort of improvising god (which is flattering, but a bit bewildering), and during the interval kept saying things like, "It's up to you, Andrew, you have to just be jumping in and leading every scene."

But, all that said, it went pretty well; I'd give it a seven out of ten. I did an evil twin scene that went gangbusters, and I really enjoyed the typewriter scene we did that – thank you, prurient audience! – was about a character called Vaginaca Semen ("Oh, please, call me Vag.")

It was also interesting in that it felt very different from any show I've ever done with McGill Improv. Instead of planning games that are good for gags and that the players felt comfortable with, Alan tended towards picking games that would make a well-rounded show and that inspire 'good improv'. It was Theatresports, too, so it was a little less relaxed than most McGill Improv shows.

Another difference between last night's show and a McGill Improv show was that afterwards, instead of doing notes over a hot chocolate and going home, I went to a Soho nightclub and drank a $200 bottle of gin with some people from work.

Then I came home, tried to return a missed call from Alison, dialled entirely the wrong number, spent five minutes drunk and angry because I thought she had changed her number without telling me, and then eventually got through to her and interrupted a date with her new boyfriend.

So I guess what I'm trying to say is, doing improv in London is a little less dignified than doing improv in Montreal. But I'm going to keep at it.


Unknown said...

200 dollars or 200 pounds?

Inchworm said...

Ouch she dumped you?... man...

Andrew said...

Dollars. But still... This is the problem with associating with finance types.

And yes, she dumped me. But that was a year and a half ago so I'm down to sobbing only ever other night now.

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