May 01, 2007

Back in Black

From Newsvine: Among Black Students, Many Immigrants
NEW YORK — Something in the crowd made Shirley Wilcher wonder. As a college graduate in the early 1970s, her black classmates were like herself — born in the United States, to American parents. But at an alumni reunion at Mount Holyoke College last year, she saw something different and asked for admissions data to prove it.

"My suspicions were confirmed," said Wilcher, now the executive director of the American Association for Affirmative Action. She found a rise in the number of black students from Africa and the Caribbean, and a downturn in admissions of native blacks like her…

Wilcher would like to know why. She asks if her cause has lost its way on U.S. campuses, with the goal of correcting American racial injustices replaced by a softer ideal of diversity — as if any black student will do.
Oh no! We can't have that, can we? What we need is a system that can somehow artificially discriminate against some black people more than others. I mean, sure, the Constitution says, "All men are created equal," but it doesn't say that all black men are created equal. What the founding fathers were getting at was that all black men are created in an equally unjust and hierarchical way to white men. And what is this bullhonky I hear about women wanting rights all of a sudden?
Last month, a Harvard Black Students Association message board asked, "When we use the term 'black community,' who is included in this description?" A lively debate ensued, with some posters complaining that African students were getting an admissions boost without having faced the historical suffering of U.S. blacks.
Yeah, fuck, those African kids have it SOOOO easy. It's enough to make you close your MacBook in disgust and stop posting on the student association messageboard at the university that has a larger endowment than the entire African continent gets in aid.

Sorry, folks, I know as a privileged upper-middle-class white boy (twit?) I can't even begin to understand the intricate racial politics of being black in America today. But it seems to me that if you start whining about immigrants, and advocating discrimination on the basis of, uh, being black, you are not doing anybody any favours.

And seriously, Harvard kids? Shut the fuck up already. You go to HARVARD. You're in. You've made it. You might have to put up with that condescending ass Pinker every now and then, but frankly as long as you're not living under the cloud of genocide and/or dictatorship, you're having a pretty good year.

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