April 07, 2007

Out-Snobbing the Snobs

From this week's New Yorker:
In July, 2005, a month after arriving at the [World] Bank, [Paul] Wolfowitz attended the annual G8 summit, which took place at the Gleneagles Hotel, the Scottish golf resort… He also attended a "Live 8" concert that Bono and Bob Geldof, the Irish pop singers and antipoverty activists, organized at a local rugby stadium.
At a local rugby stadium?! You mean the one an hour's drive away, over a body of water and in another city altogether?

I can't work out if they really have no clue about Scottish geography or if this is typical New Yorker snobbery of the "anything that's not New York is tiny and provincial" variety. Either way, it's thoroughly obnoxious, and I shan't be reading their pretentiously punctuated publication ("coöperation"? Please, what is that?) for at least another week.

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