April 11, 2007

...And Now A More Familiar Approach

From BBC NEWS | UK Politics: Navy media deal was wrong - Blair

A few government officials weigh in on the Iran/hostages/media/scandal scandal:
Mr Blair said: … "The navy was trying to deal with a wholly exceptional situation in which the families were being pursued by the media to tell their stories. The navy took the view that it was better to manage the situation.

With hindsight was that a good idea? No."
"Does that make it any more excusable? Not really. Will I continue to talk mainly in rhetorical questions? Absolutely. Is charismatic public speaking a meaningful way to make up for past mistakes? I'd like to think so! Has anyone seen my car keys? That one is a real question."
Mr Browne [the Defence Secretary] … Referring to his earlier decision to give the go ahead, [said], "Clearly with hindsight… I could have made a different decision."
"You see, we are living in just one out of an infinite number of universes. Somewhere there is a Des Browne who stood his ground and did not allow the stories to be sold. Somewhere, there is a Des Browne who isn't even Defence Secretary. Somewhere, there is a Des Browne who is wearing underwear."
Mr Cameron [the opposition leader] responded to Mr Browne's statement by saying there should be a full Ministry of Defence inquiry, to allow lessons to be learned.
Mr Cameron also pushed for a full Ministry of Education inquiry, to allow shit to be blown up.

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