March 19, 2007


From BBC NEWS | UK Politics: Hair buzz as Cameron moves left

I haven't wanted something to be tongue-in-cheek this much since the last time I was trying to kiss a girl.
Tory leader David Cameron's decision to part his hair on the left has sparked a buzz of speculation from commentators.

Some argued the new look was an attempt to look more "butch", others that it was actually more feminine…

Quentin Letts said it symbolised the direction in which Mr Cameron was taking his party.
I think it shows his ability to make the press leap at his every twitch like a cat towards a piece of string. That and his postcolonial meta-parsing of sociopolitical hermeneutics.

Fuck yeah, I can still talk the meaningless academic talk. Bring it, Judith Butler. (Bring it, Jordan Himelfarb, for that matter.)

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