February 09, 2007

Conversations With Greatness CXVII


Anonymous said...

*sigh and wiping tear off corner of right eye* aah that was good.


Andrew said...

Maryam, I think you are my biggest fan. I love you.

Anonymous said...

You've seen this, right?

24 and ATHF bomb scare mash-up

It's like made for you. Who's your biggest fan NOW?

Andrew said...

I think if you were really my biggest fan you would know that I am *still* battling the phone company to get my high speed internet sorted out, and that taunting me with unviewable YouTube memes about Jack Bauer is therefore a most peculiar and potent form of cruelty.

Also, just to clarify, *I* am not incompetent for not having internet yet, London is incompetent. While I have been waiting almost five months, the other people on my team at work have waited and/or are still waiting four weeks, two months, three months and six months respectively. That we can be living in the "best" "capital" "city" in the world and yet have such trouble with such a relatively simple piece of technology seems to me yet another damning nail in the British Empire's coffin.

That said Mariana, you are probably tied with Maryam for my biggest fan, so I love you too.

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