January 01, 2007

Speaking Ill of the Dead

Does anyone else find it a little sad that 8,500 people attended James Brown's funeral, while Gerald Ford's had a line of only twenty people by mid-afternoon? And the only administration member to turn up was Cheney? Ouch.

Also, does anyone else find it a little suspicious that Gerald Ford, Saddam Hussein and James Brown "all" died in the same few days? Or does it seem more likely that all three were in fact different facets of the same, shape-shifting super robot sent from the future to fight Arnold Schwarzenegger? Think about it. All three were rulers in their domain (the US, Iraq and soul, respectively). All three were made rulers of their domain without a democratic election. All three were at one point in control of weapons of mass destruction (James Brown's tight pants left little to the imagination). All three could take shotgun wounds to the chest and still chase down a car. It makes sense for so many reasons.

Once again, I like to keep my first post of the new year fairly tony.

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Anonymous said...

May I remind you that Saddam was elected with 100% of the vote (with 100% turnout, I might add) in 2003.


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