January 23, 2007

Snow Business

I was planning to blog about the whole Celebrity Big Brother fiasco tonight, but that will have to wait for another time because today Southeast England was gripped by SNOW CHAOS!!!!!
Wintry weather in southern and eastern parts of England is expected to worsen over the next 24 hours.

Snow and ice has already led to travel problems in the South East and London, with rail services severely disrupted and heavy congestion on some roads.

Sixteen flights from Heathrow and Gatwick airports have been cancelled.
I got into work my customary five minutes late this morning, only to find the office practically deserted. It seems that all but one of London's Underground lines were experiencing at least slight delays, with others suffering major meltdowns and one even being suspended completely.

Now, you might rightly ask what kind of gargantuan snowfall must have prompted such disruption, and you might also rightly be gobsmacked to learn that the answer is: two centimetres.

I'm not sure whether to be thrilled that I now live in a climate where two centimetres is considered "heavy snowfall", or appalled that England is so poorly prepared for inclement weather. I mean, if they can't even handle two centimetres of snow, what does that say about their ability to handle more complex tasks like the economy, public safety, remembering to change their underwear regularly or, well, ANYTHING?!

And will someone please explain to me how the London Underground can be so badly affected by snowfall of any degree? Is English snow in fact composed of evil, hyper-intelligent nanobots that can bore through concrete and dissolve railway track? Is Transport for London afraid that people will descend into the tube, forget it's snowing, and then suffer violent heart attacks upon the shock of stepping back outside? Is the majority of Underground staff made up of recovering cocaine addicts who fall into debilitating withdrawl fits at the very mention of the word 'snow'?

On the bright side, I can now enjoy playing the role of smug Canadian git, and torment my co-workers with phrases such as, "You call this snow?", "Do you know how cold it is in Montreal right now?", "Isn't public health care great?" etc., etc.

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Unknown said...

Oh, and the snow was gone by noon. Pretty disappointing...

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