January 09, 2007

Does This Count As Nominative Determinism?

Over the weekend the papers were reporting on some "scandal" involving Sigmund Freud. It appears that some historian has found some piece of paper that makes it pretty undeniable that Freud probably had an affair with his wife's sister (which everyone pretty much believed was the case anyway). You'll forgive me if I don't choke on my merlot.

Says the Kansas Star:
The evidence is persuasive enough for Peter Gay, the Freud biographer and longtime skeptic on what he called "the Minna matter," to say he is now inclined to revise his work accordingly. "It makes it very possible that they slept together," he said.
Wait, the biographer of Freud is named Peter Gay? That is priceless! (You'll forgive me if I choke on my merlot.)

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