December 22, 2006


Sydney's been pretty good so far. Our first day we lolled about by the harbour drinking white wine all afternoon, and our second we spent mostly at the zoo (I have now seen wallabies, kangaroos, dingoes, bilbies, and all sorts of other animals whose names you wouldn't believe even if I could remember them).

Then in the evening we took the ferry across to Manly, a suburb of Sydney on the other side of the harbour. We had a nice seafood dinner, but mostly I delighted in giggling at all the store names there, like "Manly Souvenirs", "Manly Liquor", and, my personal favourite, "Manly Ladies' Shoes".

So far the only bad part has been inserting the new battery I had bought for my digital camera (the old one shorted out mysteriously last month), spending all night wondering what the funny smell in the living room was, and then getting up this morning to discover that my camera had quietly melted into the coffee table. I shit you not.

And today we're fixing up to drive to Terrigal, a coastal town a few hours north. We'll be spending a rustic week there in a hired beach house, returning to Sydney just in time for New Year's Eve. And since we'll be without the web up there, I would just like to say:

Merry Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry about your camera. :(

Have an awesome vacation! Happy Holidays and New Year!

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