November 08, 2006

Democrats Be In Tha House!

So, everyone knows, by now, the big story coming out of the United States… Britney and K-Fed are getting a divorce! OMFG!

Also, I believe there was an election of some sort.

I think this is my favourite quote from the coverage:
According to exit polls, about half of those who voted for Democrat Bob Casey said they did so out of dislike for Senator Santorum rather than support for Mr Casey.
So, a resounding victory for Democratic ideals, then.

Actually, my favourite quote is from the transcript of this press gaggle from Tuesday:
Mr Snow: Let me tell you what will be going on with the President today . . . He'll be having dinner with Brad Freeman and some members of staff. Karl Rove and a few others will be up in the Residence tonight. The President will be making phone calls. . .

Q What do you mean by phone calls? You're talking about to the winner --

MR. SNOW: He'll be talking to candidates, typically what you do on election night.

Q Can you quantify how many calls, to how many candidates?



Q Can you tell us if the President voted for your predecessor's mother?
The White House Press Corps resorts to 'your mom' jokes?! I should send them my CV!

Finally, yes, I am fully aware that my post about the reaction to Saddam's sentence was more or less a carbon copy of a Daily Show gag on Monday night. But, in my defence, I wrote mine before the Daily Show had even finished filming, so if anything Jon Stewart owes me a beer.

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I can't believe Britney and K Fed are breaking up

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