October 04, 2006

Wit Parade

In Islington, Dan and I have quickly discovered, the official dress code when appearing in public is a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a humorous slogan printed on it. As luck would have it, just a week or so before leaving Edinburgh, I ordered a couple of new ones, which arrived the other day:

Now all I need is a hipster mullet! (And a MySpace profile.)


Speaking of MySpace, my friend Dave Burdick (of blogroll fame) has always been fantastically hilarious, and this, I propose, is no exception.


Mariana said...

YOU! I was trying to figure out why the name Dave Burdick was so familiar, and why his face was also vaguely familiar, when I came across him as a (sigh) friend of friends of mine on Myspace. Specifically the comedy friends, since I'm trying to find some Improv associates in this ridiculous town. Have I met him? Or do I only know him from your blogroll? Because I really don't read his blog... so now I feel creepy.

I guiltily enjoy your sign language shirt. Also, BU campus has no shortage of hipsters and wiT-shirts. I saw a guy wearing a Vote for Pedro shirt walking next to a guy wearing designer destroyed jeans and a flashy blazer, I almost wanted to ask them if they were serious. I am so old and crotchety!

Andrew said...

I doubt very much that you've met Dave, at least not through me; he moved to Boulder many years ago and the only time he visited me in Canada was, strangely enough, in Toronto. So you are creepy.

Oh, and puh-leeaze! 'Vote For Pedro' t-shirts are so unhip it hurts. Next time you see that guy, punch him in the head.

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