October 23, 2006


I was out and lost with some friends in central London on Friday night, so we asked a girl handing out flyers for directions.
Us: Sorry, but do you know how to get to the Strand from here?
Her: Um, yes, I think it’s that way. [Waving her arm in a vague direction]
Us: Okay, thanks. [We begin to walk away]
Her: Hey, what time does that shut? [Handing us a flyer] Because when it does this is a great after-hours place.
Us: D’oh!
(If you didn’t know, the Strand is a pretty large street in London, and anybody who thinks it is, in fact, some kind of bar, is probably not the sort of person you want to be getting directions from.)

Still no broadband at home, etc., etc. I sob when I think of all the hilarious YouTube memes that have come and gone in my absence.

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