September 25, 2006

Yay, Hi

I have successfully moved to London. Yay!

My apartment is a kick-ass awesome Ikea Palace the Second of a converted church. Yay!

My broadband doesn't get hooked up until October 31st. Boooooooo!

So, if I'm quiet for the next little while, you know why. If you've emailed me and are waiting anxiously (or not) for a reply, bear with me: I am slowly getting through them all in stolen lunch-break minutes at work, and once they issue me with a proper building pass, I will also be able to use the internet there more extensively. (Incidentally, do you know how I log on to my computer at work? I press my finger to a fingerprint scanner! How freakin' cool is that?)

Also, the phones at work have the same ring as the phones at CTU in 24, so as you can imagine I'm pretty thrilled. Yay!


Anonymous said...

a month to get broadband hooked up???? you're living in a bloody stone age, mate.


PS: blogger sucks

Andrew said...

Stone age?! Didn't you read the part about the fingerprint scanner?!

Anyway, I should clarify, I could have broadband by the end of the week if I wanted to *pay* for it-- it's only the free broadband that takes a long time to get connected, because there is an understandably high demand for it.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andrew! The electronic Scrabble showdown shall have to wait, I suppose. You probably need time to practice anyway.


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