September 19, 2006

Well Red

I had a mildly unsettling experience yesterday.

I'm anticipating a slight cashflow squeeze when I first get to London, so I went to the bank to see about increasing my overdraft.

"Of course, what sort of amount were you thinking?" asked the woman, swiping my card.

"Erm, I don't know... Maybe an extra £500?" I said.

She then tapped a few keys on her keyboard, handed my card back, and said, "Okay, there you go."

That was it. No, 'Are you employed?", no 'Is there a particular reason you need the extra money?', no 'When do you think you might pay it back?'. I didn't even have to sign anything, or show any ID, or enter a PIN code. Nothing. Just, tap-tap, ta-da!, have half a grand. I should have asked for more!

Tomorrow I'm going to try the same thing at the record store.

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Mariana said...

I'm silly and I didn't realize you were still in Edinburgh. Of course you have a cat, two. Do yours like to gnaw on your arm also?

Mmm... free money...

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