September 17, 2006

Keep Your Wits About You

I think everyone is pretty shaken up about the Dawson shootings, which is precisely why I've avoided mentioning it— I seem to have a knack for being insensitive when I talk about things in my blog (viz. Patrick Deuel; viz. William Shady Elhami). Obviously I think the whole thing is/was a horrible tragedy and it's been quite moving reading about it over the last few days— not least of all because of the huge outpouring of community caring and support in the aftermath.

In the spirit of which, I would like to propose a chicken-soup-for-the-soul style Battle of Wits. In this article about the shootings, the BBC makes the following statement:
The city of Montreal [is] known in Canada for its cafe culture and fun atmosphere.
...Which — and I think anyone who has lived in Canada and/or Montreal will agree with me on this point — pretty hilariously misses the boat. More accurate would be:
The city of Montreal is known in Canada for its splenetic hockey fans and anything-goes strip joints.
I therefore invite you to come up with your own two point description of the things Montreal is known for— some Exposition, if you will.

If there are any takers, just leave a comment on this post. The winner receives a McGill Improv t-shirt*.


*Void where prohibited by McGill Improv.


Ken said...

Montreal is known across Canada for being in Ontario and being the home of the Expos.

Gil said...

Montreal is known across Canada for McGill University and titties.

Point #1) Only people with McGill Improv T-shirts have responded

Point #2) How is this not insensitive?

Anonymous said...

The only one I could come up with is: Montreal is known for its pretty women and even prettier men.

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