September 07, 2006

Associated Philistines

From Newsvine: Toronto Fest a Venue for Transformations
TORONTO — Celebrities always are looking to show new sides of themselves, and the Toronto International Film Festival is one of the best showcases for their transformations . . .

Transformations highlighting this year's festival, which opens Thursday and runs through Sept. 16, include Sean Penn as a Southern demagogue, Forest Whitaker as an African dictator, Russell Crowe as a romantic lead, former James Bond Pierce Brosnan as a Civil War fugitive, new James Bond Daniel Craig as a cold-blooded murderer and Will Ferrell as a serious actor.
Whoa, ouch!

Also, you know how I hate to be a stickler about these sorts of things, but going on the structure of the other clauses, that technically means that Will Ferrell will be playing a serious actor, in his characteristically oddball style. Either that or Pierce Brosnan has somehow managed to travel back in time to the 1800s.

Ugh, my God, that is such an amateur mistake. I mean, like, Strunk-and-White-level. How is it that such boors can get jobs writing for the AP, while I am stuck diddling around in the blogosphere?

Speaking of bizarrely worded AP articles: Ky. Plane Crash Survivor Asks 'Why?'
LEXINGTON, KY. — The sole survivor of a plane crash that killed 49 people near the Lexington airport last week told family members from his hospital bed, "Why did God do this to me?" but he hasn't mentioned the crash, a close family friend said Wednesday.
The "Why did God do this to me?" comment was actually referring to one of those get well soon cards that plays a tinny electronic version of 'When The Saints Go Marching In' every time it's opened.

Making fun of plane crash victims: wrong?

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