August 02, 2006

New Blog on The Kid

I've been running my old blog for three years, now, and it's served me well. I have become a better writer, I have established a modest fan base, and, of course, I have impressed a whole bunch of chicks.

But the title was getting a little confusing, and the list of archives was getting a little unwieldy, so I've renamed, redesigned, and shifted the whole of exBostonian over to a new address where it will lie, perfectly preserved, for all eternity. In the meantime, the trenchant wit and overuse of the word 'douchebag' that you've grown to love will continue in kind, at the same address you've always had bookmarked, and with little discernible difference except for the title (but please note the new RSS feed).

So, without further ado...



sean said...


i really like the curlecue behind the blogger icon thing in the bottom right.

Mariana said...

I also really like the curlicue, and the general layout.

The name will have to grow on me...

I disapprove of the blogger-only comments.

Andrew said...

Comments have now been fixed-- I didn't realise the default setting was Blogger-only. (I also didn't realise that comment notification was turned off by default, which is why it took me so long to reply.)

Your praise is appreciated. Your criticisms are like a knife to my heart, but the title stays-- I want to make sure that only those people who own a good dictionary will read the site. :-)

Anonymous said...

In describing the various forms of verbal humor, The New Encyclopaedia Britannica refers to a pun as "two disparate strings of thought tied together by an acoustic knot." That analogy strikes a very pleasant cord !
-from Working Humor "What is a pun" (found through Google define pundigrion. The internet is more accessible than the good dictionary that I own.)

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