August 05, 2006

Lunatic Fringe

So, work has officially started. So far, it's been a lot of fun: the rest of the staff are great (and have all become bestest friends with each other almost immediately, so there's a really nice atmosphere in the box office), our new beer garden is insanely awesome, and getting to meet so many of the performers has been very interesting (most of them are, as you might imagine, real characters).

It's also been fairly surreal, as the above picture is meant to imply (oddly enough, not only were there storm troopers wandering around yesterday, but a Delorean also pulled up in the afternoon, so it was a real Eighties memorabiliafest for much of the day). That giant, purple, bug-eyed thing in the background is our new venue, the E4 Udderbelly, which is a 322-seater tent in the shape of an upside-down purple cow.

Spank!, the late night comedy showcase that I ballyhooed muchly last year, had its opening night yesterday, and contained appropriate amounts of hilarity and on-stage nudity. I particularly enjoyed the stand-up stylings of Matt Kershen, who did a fantastic set to close the show.

In fact, pretty much the only bad part so far was on Thursday night when a group of eleven drunken men swarmed the box office demanding their money back. As supervisor, the job fell to me to inform them that, uh, we don't give refunds. Let me tell you, it is quite an experience having a wall of men yelling at you in unison, and I'm not quite sure whence I found the guts to stand there and tell them exactly the opposite of what they wanted to hear.

And now I'm off to have some lunch and then, this afternoon, to see Into The Hoods, a hip-hopping, breakdancing retelling of a selection of classic fairytales.

Ah, Fringe.

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